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3 Marketers Special: The Best Bits [Episode 20]

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Party poppers at the ready and a drumroll please…
Welcome to the show notes for the 20th episode of 3 Marketers Walk Into A Podcast!

We obviously wanted to celebrate in style and deliver you something extra special, so we've bundled together all the best bits from the podcast so far and crammed them all into one punchy episode for you!

Ready, set, go!


David-SchlossDavid Schloss

Your own ideal campaign will really depend on your overall ad strategy, but here is David’s ideal campaign structure:

  • Create 1 long-form copy and 1 short-form copy.
  • Then create 2-3 images that you can have on rotation on the long-form copy. Collect all the data.
  • Then rotate the same 2-3 images on the short-form copy. Again, collect all the data.
  • After that, you will know whether short-form or long-form is best for you and also which image works best. Genius!
  • These days people seem to be paying more attention to the creative of an ad rather than the actual copy.
  • The headline and image are the main things that grab people’s attention and make them want to click, so it’s important to get it right and test, test, test!

You can listen to David's full episode right here.

Justin-LoftonJustin Lofton

If you’ve got an ad that’s working for you then you can scale up like this:

  • Method 1 – Increase the budget by 20% per day for as long as the ad is performing for you. (If you increase more than that it can trigger the algorithm and your ad could start getting too expensive.)
  • Method 2 – If you have an ad that is working well for you, you can duplicate that ad-set and increase the budget at that point. Everything about the ad will stay the same but you can now significantly increase your ad budget without the algorithm getting in the way.

You can listen to Justin's full episode right here.

Tanya-WhittamTanya Whittam

Tanya shared her personal strategy for growing a Facebook group, nice one Tanya!

  • Post content in other groups at least 3 times per week.
  • Make sure that the day after you post in a group, you post a piece of content on your personal Facebook profile with a clear call to action to go join your own group.
  • Instead of linking to your website on your Facebook profile, add a direct link to your Facebook group.
  • Use the content you post on Facebook as your sales funnel – sharing content in groups is the start of your funnel, people will then come to your profile, then they’ll join your group.

You can listen to Tanya's full episode right here.


Ryan Phillips

If you want to nail your goals like Ryan, now you can! Here is Ryan's goal setting process:

  • I create a compelling vision for 3 years ahead.
  • From that, I create 3x 12 month plan, then break it down into quarterly goals, monthly goals, weekly etc.
  • Set a timer for 30 minutes and just start scribbling. The rule is that you can’t stop writing for those 30 minutes.
  • You’ll end up with pages and pages of visions and goals which you can then break down into the things you want to achieve over the next 3 years.
  • The ‘3 year ultimate vision’ will be 1 page of A4 then I write an extra paragraph for health, relationships, growth and development, identity and values.

You can listen to Ryan's full episode right here.

Michael-SpremulliMichael Spremulli

Ever wanted to find out how your personality style can help your business?

  • The good news is that you don’t need to take any fancy assessments.
  • You probably already know your personality style but have never explored it.
  • Make a list of tasks you engage in most frequently in the work world that you most excel at and most enjoy – just because you enjoy something doesn’t mean you’re good at it.
  • Once you cross-reference them you’ll be able to figure out which tasks are a good fit for your personality.

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Adil-AmarsiAdil Amarsi

There are two types of writers, the ones with a fun voice and the ones with a boring voice but lots of great knowledge.

  • Fun voice – Record the 15-point formula in a voice memo on your phone then transcribe it online. That way you’ll keep all your personality, all your quirks and the way you would actually speak.
  • Boring voice – It might be boring but you have some really life-changing content to get out there. So, just own it! Focus on all of the amazing benefits and juicy bits.

You can listen to Adil's full episode right here.

Paul-MortPaul Mort

  • People are instantly more engaged if you can tell them personal stories and share experiences in life.
  • Paul takes note of everyday experiences and turns them into lessons. Like going to the movies, he will usually leave the screen with a handful of things that he can apply to his coaching.
  • When people go on a personal journey with you they will engage more because they want to know what’s going to happen next and how you might deal with it.

You can listen to Paul's full episode right here.

Nathan-HagueNathan Hague

  • The best tools are the ones you’re probably already using – reporting systems. It’s just about knowing how to get the most nag out of them.
  • Google Data Studio is a reporting tool that can connect you to all your different Google properties as well as your Facebook Ads Manager – hell yeah!
  • It shows you everything in one neat, tidy place showing you live figures which means you can check your profits and losses any time you like.

You can listen to Nathan's full episode right here.

Oli-LukeOli Luke

You should use online as a platform to warm people up and find out who your buyers are, then take the sales process offline.

  • Email your list letting them know you have something to offer through the mail and ask for their address.
  • You know the people who reply are massively interested in what you are sending them.
  • This way you only send mail out to the people who want it – cutting wasted expenses.
  • These people already have a good idea that you’re going to sell them something – bonus!

You can listen to Oli's full episode right here.

Troy-BroussardTroy Broussard

  • Increasing your email volume will absolutely increase your customer value.
  • I have never found a case where sending more emails didn’t generate more revenue.
  • In a recent study, I compared people who email daily against people who email 2-3 times per day and the people who emailed more made more money per subscriber!

You can listen to Troy's full episode right here.

Wilco-de_KreijWilco de Kreij

  • I wish I’d started running webinars way earlier!
  • They work so well and the conversion rate is so much higher. That’s what we like to hear!
  • With webinars, you can learn what your audience really wants. If someone visits a sales page they might click away and never return but with webinars people can ask questions and find out so much more.
  • After every webinar, I email the people who attended to see if they have any feedback or questions. The replies I get provide so much information and understanding of the audience and what they want. It’s hidden gold!

You can listen to Wilco's full episode right here.

Richard-LeggRichard Legg

Here is Richard's strategy for when people register for a webinar but don't show up:

  • For the first 24-36 hours we’ll send them to the replay, get them to watch the content and try and get engaged and excited.
  • After that, we send them to the recap video. This is a much shorter video, maybe 5 minutes covering the key points from the pitch.

You can listen to Richard's full episode right here.

Jon_BowtellJon Bowtell

What products work best for subscription products?

  • Generally, it’s best if they are some kind of disposable product, in other words, they have a lifespan.
  • Those are the products that are going to work best because it’s something that people will always want more of.
  • If you sell products that have a much longer lifespan, there’s still the opportunity to add digital memberships to physical products into your funnel.

You can listen to Jon's full episode right here.

AndrewPeteAndrew & Pete

What is your best advice for getting seen on social media?

  • It doesn’t end when you hit ‘publish’ on your content, it’s all about the continuous promotion.
  • There are three main strategies for this – search, social and email marketing.
  • Using a solid combination of these three strategies will go a long way to make sure that people will see your content.

You can listen to Andrew & Pete's full episode right here.

matt youngMatt Young

What would you say is the ideal video length for social media?

  • In human nature terms, the shorter the better. If you can keep videos short and succinct then that’s better because it’s all about attention.
  • However, if you’re an amazing videographer who can create amazing narratives that will keep people’s attention then you can probably afford to go a bit longer with your videos.

You can listen to Matt's full episode right here.

Neil-NapierNeil Napier

Do you have any advice on where to start when creating a course?

  • I start off by going through 2 rounds of interviews.
  • I call 5-10 people just to understand what their needs are on a specific subject. When you spend 20-30 minutes with someone they won’t just tell you what they need but also what they want.
  • Step 1 is to understand subjectively what it is that your customers might need.
  • Step 2 is sending out surveys and asking people directly what it is they need right now and what they care least about.

You can listen to Neil's full episode right here.

Paul-Healey-1Paul Healey

  • There’s not one key when it comes to building a profitable online course, there a whole key fob of keys.
  • You need to get good at all the disciplines, but the main one, I believe, is to create a great product that people love and one that results in lots of great testimonials and case studies.
  • Those case studies and testimonials, which we have to actively ask for and collect, will make up for any shortcomings we may have in terms of copy, traffic, funnel building etc.
  • Build something great, get great testimonials.

You can listen to Paul's full episode right here.

paul incePaul Ince

  • You need to give people a reason to use your chatbot in the first place.
  • It has to be really clear what the bot is for and why it could be beneficial to use it.
  • If it’s a bot that’s there to answer basic questions about someone’s account, you need to explain that that’s what it is there for. Once people understand why something is there they can decide whether or not they want to use it.
  • They need to understand the benefit. If they know that they’ll get a faster answer to their question then they are more likely to use it, because nobody wants to be waiting around.

You can listen to Paul's full episode right here.

Dean-HollandDean Holland

Do you have a cheeky tip on maximising the profit of a funnel?

  • The ‘order form bump’ is something that is quite commonly used now.
  • When you go to an order form to purchase a product, you would normally see a small little box with a little arrow and checkbox for adding something little extra onto your order.
  • Using that technique made a huge difference to the cart value of new customers for us.
  • This product should be something that is quick and easy to explain and pretty low priced, you don’t have a lot of room or time to sell it – so keep it simple!

You can listen to Dean's full episode right here.

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