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A Formula For The Perfect Offer With Adil Amarsi [Episode 6]

3 Marketers Podcast - Adil Amarsi

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Converting leads and bringing in sales is always at the top of any entrepreneurs to-do list.

So what do you do when you've spent hours labouring over the perfect sales letter and offer creation and it's just not hitting the spot?

Well, you listen to this episode of 3 Marketers, obviously!

We've managed to pin down legendary copywriter Adil Amarsi and he's agreed to share his top tips for expert copy creation and even shared his 15-point formula for the perfect sales letter.

Be prepared, this one is gunna knock your socks off!





  • Focus on the research in order to understand what their pleasure and pain might be.
  • Highlight an awareness of their pain but wrap it up in a positive.
  • A good headline is everything. There are 3 types of headline that work the best:
  1. The ‘discover' headline
  2. The ‘if' headline
  3. The ‘revealed' headline





The perfect formula for offer creation:

  1. Headline
  2. Sub-headline
  3. Opening paragraph
  4. Introduction to who you are
  5. The story of how you came to the product
  6. Introduce the product
  7. Explain everything they get with the product
  8. Testimonials
  9. The price reveal
  10. Tell them how to buy and be specific
  11. The guarantee – the longer the better
  12. The bonus
  13. Re-close and give reminders of all the selling points
  14. Personal sign off
  15. Add your P.S





There are two types of writers, the ones with a fun voice and the ones with a boring voice but lots of great knowledge.

  • Fun voice – Record the 15-point formula in a voice memo on your phone then transcribe it online. That way you'll keep all your personality, all your quirks and the way you would actually speak.
  • Boring voice – It might be boring but you have some really life-changing content to get out there. So, just own it! Focus on all of the amazing benefits and juicy bits.





  • The research stage is everything when writing for something you know little about or isn't very interesting.
  • Get into the clients head and find their voice.
  • Find their best customers or your best customers and interview them.
  • Put the information you get from that into the 15-point formula.
  • If you ever feel like you have writer's block, it's because you haven't done enough research.





It's important not to panic and make changes until there have been at least 1000 views of your offer, anything under that isn't accurate metrics.

If your sales letter isn't converting try tweaking your headline first and if that still doesn't work then look at the opening angle. These are the two things that are most commonly the problem.





  1.  Avoid the word ‘learn'. It really turns people off.
  2. Use the words ‘enter your regular details' at the purchase stage. The word ‘enter' commands and the word ‘regular' makes it feel like a totally normal thing to do, this way you are basically normalising a process that can sometimes cause anxiety in people.

3 Marketers Podcast Amil Amarsi





A book that you would recommend…
48 Laws Of Power by Robert Greene

What is your top success habit?
Do something physical every day.

Who do you look up to?
My Mom is my hero, but business wise it's gotta be Tony Grebmeier.

How do you define success?
Am I achieving my goals and do I feel great? Success is answering yes.

Here the big one…who do you like more, Rob or Kennedy?
It's a 50/50 split, I love you both!

Finally, where can folks go to find out more about you?
You can find out more about Adil and how he could help you at adilamarsi.com

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