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Increasing Webinar Traffic and Conversions With Richard Legg [Episode 15]


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Whatever your campaign may be, it's all too tempting when things aren't working out to think – scrap it, just start all over again!

But in reality, you can actually do a campaign u-turn by making a few simple tweaks and refining it, rather than scrapping it.

This week we caught up with Richard Legg, who has made a big mark in the marketing world by running webinar campaigns and running them very successfully.

Even if you don’t run webinars this episode will give you plenty of tips on how to make your processes even better than they are already!





  • Joint venture partnerships and relationships with other marketers that I know.
  • People who have a product that they want to sell they can team up with me, they add links to their download pages or put a couple of emails into their follow-up sequences. It’s pretty easy for them to plug it into their marketing sequence.
  • The best results we found are when somebody has a product, like a digital download, on their download page we have a step by step.
  • Step 1 – Register for your free bonus training which is going to teach you [X,Y,Z] – this would be a link to the automated webinar.
  • Step 2 – Download your original purchase.
  • This gets a really high click-through rate because when you break it down into a step by step process you can lead people into what you want them to do.





  • I think the key is to just test a bunch of different things.
  • For us, we used to have a lot of people who would add a banner at the top of their download page which didn’t really work because I think people are getting blind to banners.
  • The click-through rates are much higher if you just add the text from the banner and add it to the rest of the content on the page, style it like the rest of the page, so it looks like it belongs there.
  • I would have to say that the best way to optimise your campaign is to make sure that the offer you’re presenting is something that your market actually wants!





People register but don't show up:

  • For the first 24-36 hours we’ll send them to the replay, get them to watch the content and try and get engaged and excited.
  • After that, we send them to the recap video. This is a much shorter video, maybe 5 minutes covering the key points from the pitch.

People show up but don't stick around:

  • Again, we would send them to the replay first (even though they might have already seen some of it).
  • We also send them the recap video, usually a bit sooner than the previous group of people.  Also, we’ll send them a PDF of the webinar slides for people to go over in their own time.

People stick around but leave without buying:

  • Typically, we just send them the recap video without sending the full replay, plus the PDF mentioned before.
  • At this point, we’ll show the BUY button straight away because these people have already seen the pitch. They know what they are getting, they just haven’t invested in it yet.





  • Everwebinar – I use this for running the automated webinars.
  • GetResponse – I use this for my email marketing.
  • Ad Trackz Gold – This is the tracking software I use to keep an eye on things.

Richard Legg Webinar Processes





A book that you would recommend…
Influence by Robert Cialdini

What is your top success habit?
Lately it’s been just getting outside more, away from the computer. It’s really helpful for letting you organise your thoughts and clearing your head.

Who do you look up to?
I think probably my Grandad, he’s just always optimistic and happy.

How do you define success?
For me, it’s having the freedom to do what I want when I want.

Here the big one…who do you like more, Rob or Kennedy?
I don’t have enough data to make a decision as I’ve only met Rob, never met Kennedy.

Finally, where can folks go to find out more about you?
I recently wrote a book called Hidden Profits about how I help optimise and grow people businesses, so if you want to take a look at that you can head to gethiddenprofits.com and you can grab the book!

If you wanna hear even more of Richards amazing tips on how to refine and optimise your webinar sales process then you'd best listen to the full episode:

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  • Wow, wonderful experiences shared n the simple tricks of the trade.The videos are good n straight to the point n very tutorial .A must watch for any newbie n Richard is very efficient n dedicated entrepreneur,s n knowledgeful marketer.

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