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Personality-Driven Marketing With Paul Mort [Episode 5]

Paul Mort Podcast

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It's Friday…and what better way to celebrate than with another episode of 3 Marketers Walk Into A Podcast?!

This episode the guys are delving into personality driven engagement with the King of personality, Paul Mort.

Paul is a master at making his marketing really stand out from the crowd and is an expert at creating hyper-engaging video and email content.

With a background in the fitness niche and dominating the outdoor boot camp market in the North East of England, Paul has since gone on to running multiple programmes which help other fitness professionals run wildly successful businesses of their own.

*WARNING* – If you're easily offended by naughty words and profanity, you may want to skip actually listening to this episode and just stick with these lovely show notes. 





We wanted to find out what Paul thought were some of the advantages of building a brand around such an extreme personality like his.

  • You're never treading on eggshells and you never have to worry about sticking to the corporate rules.
  • Knowing that the people you attract are genuinely interested in you. What you see is what you get!
  • The people you work with already know what you're like so you can be yourself all the time.
  • Never struggling to come up with content ideas because you're being you and saying what's in your head.
  • People tend to do business with people they trust and having a no BS attitude and being real is the easiest way to build that trust.

There is one disadvantage though – not everyone is going to like you!

Paul talks about his logo and branding, here's what he's talking about:




We've already covered the fact that Paul is a big personality and certainly isn't scared of the occasional (or frequent) F-bomb, so how much of that is exaggerated for effect?

  • 95.5% of it is real – for real!
  • The other 0.05% is filtered – it's a small percentage but it makes a BIG difference. One thing Paul does is making small (less offensive) tweaks to email subject lines to help avoid those dreaded spam filters!

So, the big question is…how would you go about finding your own character and voice? And how would you nudge that into your business?

  • Always talk to the individual, not the group. Drop the ‘hey guys' and talk directly to one person, like a real-life conversation.
  • Don't just hammer people with information or sales pitches. Tell stories about life and experiences that your people will enjoy.
  • Ask yourself whether you would be willing to post the kind of content that you find engaging. If you crack yourself up over a certain Facebook video, ask yourself ‘would I post that?'




  • People are instantly more engaged if you can tell them personal stories and share experiences in life.
  • Paul takes note of everyday experiences and turns them into lessons. Like going to the movies, he will usually leave the screen with a handful of things that he can apply to his coaching.
  • When people go on a personal journey with you they will engage more because they want to know what's going to happen next and how you might deal with it.
  • If you want to boss the engagement game it's crazy important to stay honest and relatable.
  • Last bit, don't drown people in information. They'll get bored and tune out. Instead, find the everyday lessons and use stories to get your information across.

Time for the ‘mic drop' lads…






A book that you would recommend…
Loving What Is by Byron Katie and Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

What is your top success habit?
Every morning write down 5 ‘wins' from the previous day. The small wins add up!

Ask yourself these questions:
What was the win?
Why was it positive?
How can you make further progress on it?
What specific action can you take as a result?

Who do you look up to?
Garrett J. White – mentor to entrepreneurs and executives and founder of Wake Up Warrior Academy

How do you define success?
Finding happiness, growing and getting better at what I do.

Here the big one…who do you like more, Rob or Kennedy?
Kennedy (the reason why is hilarious)!

Finally, where can folks go to find out more about you?
Facebook or Instagram is the best place to find me and get in touch with me or iampaulmort.com

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