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Getting Results From Video With Matt Young [Episode 16]


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Video, video, video!

Video is the big social media favourite right now; every algorithm loves video and generally, video gets pushed up the rankings with both posts and ads. So, you’d be crazy not to be churning out videos as content at every possible opportunity.

There’s just one problem…

Sometimes the idea of making a video to put on the internet is terrifying. You could put all your effort into it and what happens if nobody watches and it just totally flops?

Well luckily, we have Matt Young here to answer all our video marketing questions and give us his tried and tested video tricks.





  • The first reason for this is that we kinda have to play to their rules. We’re talking about algorithms here. Almost every platform today prefers video and gives video priority.
  • The second reason is that it's human nature to give more attention to a moving image. It’s generally more interesting than just text or a picture and can keep people engaged for longer.





  • I’m all about giving it away, setting yourself up as an expert.
  • If you can show that you provide useful knowledge and information and all of that is supplied in one easy to access place then people will be happy to pay for that once they know your content is good (from your free videos).





  • I come from a sales background, car sales actually, so I really like the direct approach.
  • If you don’t give people instructions like ‘buy now’, then there are a lot of people who will not go and buy that product at the end of a video.
  • When you provide a direct question at the end and you can provide the place to find the answer then you’re setting people up with a path to follow.
  • But, there’s also something to be said for authority building. Creating trust with your audience through your video content and eventually, people will want more from you.





  • In human nature terms, the shorter the better. If you can keep videos short and succinct then that’s better because it’s all about attention.
  • However, if you’re an amazing videographer who can create amazing narratives that will keep people’s attention then you can probably afford to go a bit longer with your videos.





  • I think the most important things is please start doing video! You will be fascinated, surprised and blown away at how it really does help your profile grow.
  • It’s about finding a happy medium of what works for you but also works for your audience.
  • You can try doing daily videos, or weekly videos and you will quickly find out what works best for you.
  • As long as you have something interesting to say then you can do a video, if you have nothing of value to say there’s no point in doing video just for the sake of it because people will get bored.





  • The main thing to think about is what does your audience want?
  • Can you teach them something, can you answer their questions?
  • But equally, we want to appeal to human nature. Can you make them laugh or shock them?
  • So really you want to try to create something that will teach people about your business and will also entertain them and make them want to share it.
  • When someone is prepared to share your content than you’ve hit the jackpot because it’s like word of mouth marketing and it’s really valuable.

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A book that you would recommend…
The first has got to be the Guinness Book Of World Records just because I love that kind of stuff (my mum still buys it for me every Christmas)!
More on track, my favourite marketing book right now is Blue Ocean Shift by Renee Mauborgne.

What is your top success habit?
I get up early. I’m so much more productive early in the morning!

Who do you look up to?
I really admire anybody who takes the plunge and follows their passion.

How do you define success?

Here the big one…who do you like more, Rob or Kennedy?
This is a totally unfair question so I’m going to have to answer this in alphabetical order so…Kennedy.

Finally, where can folks go to find out more about you?
All my social media channels are MrMattYoung and my website is mrmattyoung.co.uk so you can find out more about me right there!

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