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The Offline Survey: Different Types of Surveys to Boost Your Business Growth


Generating exciting and profitable new leads is the backbone of any business.

Without new leads you’ll struggle to generate new revenue and expand your business visions.

So, how can you use the offline survey to reel in those shiny new money making leads?

We've been talking a lot lately about how you could use a survey in your email marketing campaigns, but sometimes offline is the way to go.

What Is The Offline Survey?

Networking events, conferences and mixers can be an amazing way to meet potential new customers.

Not only are they filled with like-minded people, these people have a genuine interest in your corner of the market.

Sounds like a perfect opportunity right?

Time to whip out your mobile device of choice and start collecting information!


I'm sure we've all been to a business event and dropped our business cards into a pot in the hope of winning a snazzy prize.

Well why be limited to a business card entry?

Instead you can ask people to enter by completing a short, fun and insightful survey.

How about when you meet people and you think ‘Wow, I should really get their details'.

You could ask them to enter their details into your survey and answer a couple of questions at the same time?

See where we're going with this?

What Should You Ask?

It probably goes without saying that size really does matter with an offline survey.

You want to keep it as short and sweet as possible.

After all, nobody wants to spend too long filling out a survey when they could be hitting the buffet instead!

Simple text questions and multiple choice answers are the winning formula for this type of survey with no more than 2-3 questions.

Basic Information Capture

[bullet_block upload_icon=”” style=”size-16″ small_icon=”1.png” width=”” alignment=”center”]
  • You should definitely grab their full name and number
  • You will also be needing their email address
  • It might be handy to find out their company name and niche

Question Ideas

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  • You could find out if they have ever thought about buying products in your niche
  • Why not ask what their main business goal is right now
  • If you're feeling forward you could ask about budget
  • It's always great to find out about the challenges people face – then you can offer to fix them

What You Should Do With The Results

The possibilities are literally endless!

What you do with your results will really depend on the questions you asked and why you asked them.

Ultimately though, you will use your results to make more of those all important dollars and convert awesome new leads into amazing new customers!

What more could you want?

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