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The Recruitment Survey: Find The Perfect Candidate In Double Time


The recruitment process can sometimes be a difficult and time-consuming one. 

There are so many different factors to consider and you always worry – ‘is this the right fit for my business?’

After all, you want to hire someone who will help you build your empire, not accidentally knock some bricks down!

Why You Should Send A Recruitment Survey

By implementing a recruitment survey you can ensure that the job applications you receive are valuable.

Why wait until you get someone in the interview chair to find out that they aren't a great fit?

Just apply the ‘recruitment survey filter', save yourself a boatload of time and look forward to a bunch of top quality interviews.

If you're still on the fence about whether sending a recruitment survey is a good idea, take a look at these figures:


View full infographic here.

The Best Time To Send The Survey

Here's an interesting fact from that should answer this question for you:


So, whether you're promoting your recruitment on social, using an agency or an online job board, make sure that your survey is sent out ASAP to anyone who takes an interest.

What Should You Ask?

This, of course, will mostly depend on your hiring and business needs.

It's important to remember that the purpose of the recruitment survey is to really pinpoint which candidates will be able to deliver the goods.

It's best to avoid general questions, as most of this information will be on the resume anyway.

You could ask questions on the topic of:

[bullet_block upload_icon=”” style=”size-16″ small_icon=”1.png” width=”” alignment=”center”]
  • Availability and any specific time restraints.
  • Goals and motivators.
  • Main reasons for wanting to work with you.
  • Current and desired salary.
  • Progression and development ideals.

What You Should Do With The Results

It might sound obvious…follow up.

That's right, you need to follow up with everyone who completes your recruitment survey. It's just good manners!

This might sound like a bit of a task but there is an easy way.

You can set up a smart redirect on your survey so that when a candidate hits ‘submit' they get sent straight to where they need to be.

Let's say it's essential that your new hire has experience in the dog grooming industry, set that question up with smart redirect and anyone who answers no gets sent to a ‘not suitable' page.

Anyone who answers yes will be sent to a ‘congratulations, you're through to the next stage' page.

Pretty clever right?

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