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Have A Break, Use Page Breaks


It's pretty intimidating when you're faced with a long scrolling survey, isn't it?

You can make your survey look much more attractive by splitting questions across multiple pages.

As you'd imagine, the longer your surveys are the fewer complete surveys you'll get – however a nice way of boosting the number of responses to a survey is by spreading your questions across multiple pages.

Have a look at this example survey and see how much nicer the whole thing looks, being split over several pages.

Single Question Pages Example

The trouble with having all your questions on one page is it can quickly look like a tax return – and no one gets an excited feeling in their belly when they see one of those.

Single questions on each page look much more like a fun online quiz. This taps right into people's ‘playful' mindset.

Make Things Clear With Sections

If you're running a job application form, for example, you could have a new page for each ‘section' of the application form:

Multiple Pages To Indicate Sections Example

This makes is really clear as to what is being asked.

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