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Hidden Profits: Contingency Marketing Campaigns


It’s business 101 to always have a ‘plan B’ for those tricky times when things don’t go exactly to plan. 

Making sales is no different. 

Having a contingency plan is one of the best ways to turn dismissive leads into sales and uncover hidden profits and make.

When it comes to selling your products and services, the dream scenario is that customers rush to buy so fast that your sales page almost crashes!

But let's not mess around here.

When you make a sale it's normal practice to let out a happy squeal and do the 2-minute success dance – it's all about the success dance!

So, when someone decides they don't want to buy from you do you just give up on the much anticipated celebrations?

ResponseSuite Success Dance

Hell no!

You strap on your forward-thinking entrepreneur boots and launch into your contingency marketing campaign.

Don't know what your contingency marketing campaign looks like yet?

Fear not, all will be revealed…

Let's Look At The Numbers

You might think that a high percentage of people who visit your site or view your goodies turn into paying customers.

In fact, 90-97% of those people don't actually buy anything!

That's right, the current average conversion of online shoppers worldwide is just 2.95% according to a recent study by invesp.

What does this tell us?

Well, if you're purely relying on the average 3% of sales then you might be in trouble.

The real money comes from the other 97% of people who didn't make a purchase, and what you do with them after that point.

So now that you know what the average conversion is, let's dig in and find out how you can reach rockstar conversions with a contingency campaign.

What Is A Marketing Contingency Campaign?

So now that we've seen the stats, you know that you can’t build your business based on the small percentage people who immediately buy from you.

You should always have a ‘permanent contingency path’.

This means that you should always be thinking about what to do when someone says no, and what you can do about it!

Here's a ‘knock your socks off' fact for you… product re-targeting sales strategy

54% buyers will buy retargeted products if offered at a discount. (VWO)

And another one, drumroll please… video sales strategy

73% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service if they can watch a video explaining it beforehand. (animoto)

Do you see where we're going with this yet?

Of course you do clever clogs.

As part of your marketing strategy contingency plan, why not re-target the people who haven't bought anything into a product video or send them a discount code.

With stats like that, you'd be crazy not to give it a try and maybe snag yourself some extra sales.

What Does A Marketing Contingency Campaign Look Like?

Every contingency campaign is different and can be perfectly tailored to suit your business niche and current business needs.

Here's an example we put together for you to take a peek at:

Marketing Contingency Campaign Strategy

This contingency path might not be exactly right for your business, so change it up to suit your needs – or you can outright copy it (we don't mind).

You know your audience better than anyone, you know where they hang out online and how best to get your products in front of them.

How To Create Your Campaign

You're going to want to dedicate some serious time to this, put the kettle on and get the flipchart out!

Look at your audience and make a list of general demographics, this will help you figure out the best ways to re-target your products.

Look at the data you have from previous campaigns and find out what worked best. If your audience don’t generally respond to live video, then you know not to include that in your campaign.

Look at things like which email subject lines have worked well in the past and what type of blog posts get the most engagement.

Map it all out, write everything down. Discuss it with people and get different opinions.

It's going to get messy but once you start refining it you'll end up with the contingency campaign to beat all contingency campaigns.

Think of this campaign as your ‘ultimate Rockstar all-or-nothing' campaign.

You want to show off your top content and make your campaign irresistible to your audience in order to secure those sales and reveal the hidden profits!

Contingency Plan Business

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