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The Assessment Survey: Different Types of Surveys to Boost Your Business Growth


You might think that once you’ve enrolled someone onto your course or programme that your job’s done.

Well, there’s another step to take in filling your customers will loyalty and delight – The assessment survey.

The assessment survey lets you take your course to the next level by awarding customers for progress and completion.

Sounds kinda fun right?

What Is The ‘Assessment’ Survey?

There's nothing better than the feeling of accomplishment, especially when it comes with a little award.

The assessment survey lets you give your customers just that!

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In an ideal world, when someone completes one of your courses, they'll walk away with new skills and visions. The Assessment Survey

The assessment survey allows you to reinforce everything they have learned and make sure that your customers are getting the most out of your products.

As if that's not enough, you can even score their assessment and award them a little trophy or prize for their efforts!

The Best Time To Send The Survey

For the best results, there are a couple of points during your course you should definitely consider sending out an assessment survey.

At The End

The most obvious one is at the end of the course, but you already knew that right?

Let's think about this one as an end of course test (with a reward). Assessment Survey ResponseSuite

You can send out a survey testing the knowledge and learning of your course students and give them a score at the end.

If they pass, woohoo they get the prize!

If they fail, no problem, they can go back through your course and take the survey again later.

Everyone's a winner!

The great thing about including an assessment survey at the end of your course is that people will want to keep going.

They will want to complete as many of your courses as they can and collect all the prizes for their digital trophy cabinet!

Throughout The Course

A great way to encourage people to complete your course is to motivate them with surveys.

You can send out assessment surveys at the end of each course section or chapter.

This not only encourages people to keep going and get top marks for each section, it can also reinforce your teachings.

It also works wonders for customer retention and loyalty. Jackpot!

If your customers have visible assessment goals to hit they're way more likely to keep going.

Assessment Survey Marketing

What Should You Ask?

As you might have already guessed, this totally depends on what your course is about.

We are going to make a couple of recommendations for you though:

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  • Make the questions short and easy to read.
  • Make the questions easy to digest by using the same language and terminology as you used in your course.
  • Use multiple choice answers to make it quick and simple to complete.
  • Make it fun – it's not a school test after all!

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