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22 Unconventional Ways to Use Surveys to Grow Your Business and Make More Money [Part 2]


It’s time to start thinking of surveys as intelligent marketing campaign pieces.

Survey’s aren’t just an interactive way to get results anymore. They can actually play a vital role in boosting your business and profits.

Welcome to Part Two of 22 unconventional ways you can use surveys to make money and grow your business.

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12. The Enquiry Form

At any point during the customer journey you can use this survey to find out how you can provide a better service.

Enquiry Form Marketing SurveyFind out more about their customer experience, how they would improve your products, how likely they are to buy again.

Based on the results of the survey you can then filter your customers through to the correct person or department within your business.

13. The Bonus Selection Survey

This is a great post-sale promotional tool for you to use.

After someone has made a purchase on your site you can then offer them a choice of bonus products to choose from.

Most people will be far more likely to give you their money when they know they're getting a bonus product or download too.

14. The Churn Reduction Survey

You can use your own reports and analytics to find out when most people tend to leave your list, your services or your subscriptions.The Churn Reduction Marketing Survey

Lets say that most of your customers unsubscribe from your service at 6 months. You can set up automated surveys to reach out to them at 5 months, hopefully preventing drop out.

By finding out how your customers are feeling about your services and if they have any issues, it allows you to follow up with offers encouraging them to stay.

15. The Research Survey

You can use this survey to do research on literally any aspect of your business.

This is a great way to find out how you're doing, what you should be doing more of and what you should maybe stop doing.

You can use a research survey to get all kinds of important stats, figures and content ideas.

16. The Loaded Survey

This type of survey helps you steer people in the right direction, pointing them to the product or service that you want to promote.

Your list of questions will be loaded with the answer you want them to pick, as well as answers that they are more unlikely to pick.

You can then follow up with a product offer based on the answer they picked, usually the product you wanted to offer all along.

17. The Feedback Survey

When you're creating a new product or service it's a good idea to find out what your customers think.

You can send out a survey asking their preferences on a whole bunch of stuff including packaging, product name and logo.

If you allow your customers the opportunity to be part of the creative process, they are more likely to take an interest when you launch.

18. The Assessment Survey

This survey is a great tool if you are running a coaching programme or course of some sort. The Exam Marketing Survey

When your participants come to the end your course they will receive an assessment survey or exam.

Based on their answers, you can then award them for completing your course and passing your assessment.

19. The Contest Survey

Use a survey to run a competition on social media, sit back and watch it go viral!

The Contest Marketing SurveyIf you offer a prize incentive you have a much higher chance of getting shares and it can be one of the easiest ways to grow your audience – fast!

Research by Hubspot shows that you can see a 34% increase in your audience just by running a competition.

20. The Recruitment Survey

The recruitment process can sometimes be a difficult and time consuming one. The Recruitment Marketing Survey

By implementing a recruitment survey you can ensure that the job applications you receive are valuable.

Ask questions that will verify whether or not someone is applicable for the job, before they have the chance to actually apply.

The last question on your survey could even be the option to upload their CV, or just a straight up ‘Thank You' if they don't tick the right boxes.

21. The No Purchase Survey

If you've been running a campaign for a while and you've come to the end of your sales sequence, you're bound to have some people who still haven't made a purchase.

This is your opportunity to find out why.

You can send out a short survey to the group of your list who still haven't taken the leap and ask them what their main reasons are.

It could be one of many reasons (some that you haven't thought of) so it's best to give them the opportunity to tell you in their own words, stay away from multiple choice where possible.

22. The Employee Feedback Survey

[bctt tweet=”“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” –Doug Conant” username=”@ResponseSuite”]

You can use employee surveys monthly, bi-annually or annually to find out general information around how people are feeling and any improvements you could make.

You can also implement them directly after a big change in the business or to get opinions on something specific.

Either way, employee surveys are a must when creating a happy, productive and innovative workplace.

We would love to hear about which of these survey types you use and how well they work for you.

Let us know in the comments below.

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