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11 Top Of The Game Copywriters You Should Be Following


Whether you’re a copywriter, a marketer or an entrepreneur, you’ve gotta admit that copywriting is an art.

We've all had sales pages, Facebook ads or even direct mail that just don't convert even though you've spent endless hours writing the ‘perfect' copy.

Sometimes the thought of going back through and changing it all up is enough to make you give up altogether!

That's where these guys come in…

We've put together a list of copywriters who are top of their game right now for you to take inspiration from, or even connect with.

Brian Clark – Writer & Serial Entrepreneur

He's a pioneer in the content marketing industry, the Guardian named his blog ‘one of the most powerful and influential blogs in the world' and he's been featured in countless business books – we are, of course, talking about Brain Clark.

Not only is Brian Clark an insanely influential copywriter, he's also the founder of Copyblogger, an incredible content marketing blog and resource.

Alongside Copyblogger, Brian also provides smart strategies for solopreneurs and self-employed consultants wanting to succeed in business.

Brian's experience and achievements make him the perfect person to guide others through their copywriting journey!

Twitter @brianclark

Neil Murton – Consulting Copywriter

I think this customer testimonial from Neil's website says it all really:

Neil spent 15 minutes looking at my sales page… I made the changes he suggested and conversions doubled!

Neil is an amazing copywriter, marketer and consultant, with a mission to improve your copy and basically make you more sales – cheers Neil, you hero!

If you needed any proof of Neil's super skills you just need to take a peek at his sales page for 7 E-mails You Can Use To Sell Anything which shows off a real-life example of incredibly powerful copywriting.

Neil is 100% one to watch…


Joanna Wiebe – Conversion Copywriter

For 14 years Joanna Wiebe has been writing copy that really converts.

So much so that she created her own (pretty big) space on the internet where marketers, copywriters and growth hackers can go to keep up to date with all things copy and conversion. 

Joanna's mission for Copy Hackers is to help you write more persuasive and usable copy that can boost your website and email conversion rates – we like the sound of that!

As if that wasn't enough, Joanna also regularly hits the road to teach conversion copywriting worldwide, blimey!

Twitter @copyhackers

Aaron Orendorff – Copywriter and Content Strategist

If you're familiar with Aaron Orendorff then you'll know that everything he writes is bursting with personality, in a very, very good way.

You can find Aaron contributing content to big deal blogs such as Mashable, Business Insider and Entrepreneur as well as his own blog over at iconiContent.

Orendorff founded iconiContent with one goal in mind:

Saving the world from bad content.

Twitter @AaronOrendorff
About iconiContent

Bernadette Jiwa – Content Advisor, Speaker & Author

‘You don't need to compete when you know who you are' – Bernadette Jiwa is a firm believer that every brand has a story to tell and that once you know how to tell your story success will follow.

That's exactly what she's built her copywriting career around and it certainly seems to work.

Bernadette and her business, The Story of Telling, have used storytelling to create brand names, story strategies and growth for  Fortune 500 companies, startups, entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the world.

Twitter @bernadettejiwa

Adil Amarsi – Consulting Copywriter, Podcaster & Author

Converting leads and bringing in sales is always at the top of any entrepreneurs to-do list.

So what do you do when you’ve spent hours labouring over the perfect sales letter and offer creation and it’s just not hitting the spot?

That's exactly what Adil Amarsi specialises in, his copywriting consultancy services can quite literally make your copy go viral!

Why not listen to our podcast interview with Adil right here.

Twitter @adilamarsi

Amy Harrison – Sales Copywriter, Consultant & Speaker

Amy Harrison started out as a screenwriter and then converted those skills into business storytelling and marketing.

Since 2008 she has been helping companies attract clients and sales with her brilliant copywriting!

Amy offers coaching and workshop solutions for almost every copywriting blunders and does so with a whole load of personality.


Oli Luke – Direct Mail Specialist

Oli Luke is making waves right now in the offline marketing world.

He uses direct mail and offline marketing to cut through the noise and give companies a mega conversion boost.

If you thought direct mail was a thing of the past, think again!

Direct mail works in synergy with your online marketing efforts and helps boost the conversion of them.

Oli revealed just how you can use direct mail in a digital marketing world to make a big impact during his podcast interview with us, listen to it now right here.


Kevin Rogers – Connecting Entrepreneurs & Copywriters

After spending years as a stand-up comedian, Kevin Rogers made the discovery that a simple joke formula could also be used as a powerful marketing hook.

He then went on to teach other marketers how to use this in a super powerful way and even wrote a best-selling book about it – The 60-Second Sales Hook

Now Kevin runs Copy Chief which is a community for entrepreneurs and copywriters to come together, work together and ultimately increase sales and grow businesses.

Twitter @copychiefteam

Jen Havice

Jen Havice knows that understanding your customers is the first (and biggest) step to getting your copy to convert.

With that in mind, Jen has created an incredible blog packed full of advice, guidelines and cheatsheets to help you write killer copy. – Cheers!

Personality and Conversions Shouldn’t Be Mutually Exclusive.

Personality shines through in all of Jen's copy which is probably why she's been hired to conduct conversion research and write copy for some of the best in the business including Peep Laja of Conversion XL and Joanna Wiebe of CopyHackers.

Twitter @jenhavice

Seth Godin

Seth Godin runs one of the most powerful and valuable content and copywriting blogs around, as well as having a killer podcast and much more.

It's a big claim, but once you get lost in his world I think you'll agree!

Not only does Seth Godin talk about the value of great content, everything he puts out there is great content.

That's probably why he's had 12 best-selling books then!

Twitter @ThisIsSethsBlog


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