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Your New Podcast Addiction – 3 Marketers Walk Into A Podcast

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Have you ever wanted to know EXACTLY what other marketers and entrepreneurs are doing to grow their businesses? Join us every week while we put one entrepreneur in the hot seat and ask them to take a deep dive into one area of their business.

There's been an electric buzz all around ResponseSuite HQ this week while we've been getting ramped up to share our brand new podcast with you.

Working together on a podcast sounded fun from the get-go, but never did we ever imagine that we'd be interviewing such amazing guests and compiling so much top-notch content for you to tune into!

First off, let me introduce our ‘3 Marketers':

Our first two marketers are ResponseSuite's very own Kennedy and Rob.

Not only do these guys absolutely kill it with the marketing for their own businesses, they also hold the office titles of ‘DJ Berty‘ and ‘MC Ken-Dog‘! (Sshh, don't tell them I told you that.)

So who better to host the podcast right?!

The third marketer will be our weekly special guest.

That's right, every week the guys will be talking to a different expert in the field of business, marketing, growth, entrepreneurship and pretty much anything else that we think might tickle your fancy!

3-Marketers-Podcast-Best Podcast

What will they be chatting about?

Each episode will focus on one specific area of the guests business or strategy, or something they've done in their business that they've had insane success with.

Rob and Kennedy will be asking them to take a deep dive into that one exact element, as well as grilling them for all their inside secrets and nitty-gritty details which will help you implement these strategies yourself!

We're super excited to be sharing this podcast with you and bringing all these amazing experts to your ears, so here's the big news…

To kick it off in grand-old style we'll be recording and releasing a brand new episode every single day for the first 7 days!

Oh yeah, we're really going for it!

In the first week of episodes alone we're delving into:

  • Using free Facebook groups to drive and elevate sales, growth, and engagement in your business.
  • Integrating online digital marketing with offline direct mail in an uber-effective way.
  • Using personality to grow your business, make more money and build a hyper-engaged tribe.
  • The secret of data driven marketing, what you should be tracking and tracing to find out what's working for your business and what's not.

And that's just a handful of topics we'll be covering!

If all that sounds like it's right up your podcast-alley then make sure you subscribe…


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