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Winning Events To Fuel Your Business Growth With Jim Padilla [Episode 85]


Planning and hosting events might sound like a hugely overwhelming prospect, but events come in all shapes and sizes and it's easier than you think to do.

We're here with Jim Padilla of Gain The Edge to find out how to put events together which allow you to deliver a massive amount of value and, of course, make really great sales off the back end.

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Where can events fit into a business strategy?

When you’re putting on an event it’s important to understand the purpose of the event itself as a destination, but more importantly what role does the event play in your overall annual plan.

Think about what sets up before it, what happens after it, an event shouldn’t just be a stand-alone function for a business.

Where can an event sit in the funnel?

One thing that is very popular right now is to use an event on the heels of an online launch.

You put a big product offer out, and the bonus opportunity is also to come to the event. So, if someone buys the product during the launch, they get to come to the event.

If you’re in the sales game, then nothing sells more than face to face. We’re human beings and we’re designed for connection so when you can get in front of people and do it well, it’d the best place to grow your business.

The hardest part is getting people in front of you at an event, so you need to use other means of delivering great value that also positions the event as a great opportunity in your client experience.

Is it best to promote your event based on niche, or something else?

I wouldn’t actually position it anything to do with the niche, I would position it specifically around the outcome that people need.

The most effective events that we are seeing are the ones that there is a tangible, very specific, walkaway with a deliverable.

Most people are trying to overload people with content. In fact, you should really just solve the one problem that could actually change their business right now, in and doing so that will illuminate a bigger problem in their business that you can then help them solve going forward.

This one big problem you’re going to solve should influence the title and promotion for the event, people need to know exactly what they will be walking away with if you want them to buy into it and attend.

What’s your opinion on post-event networking?

I like to have something built as a runway towards the event so that you can give people a taste.

Whatever the event is, there should be some sort of pre-event engagement. This is often in a Facebook group so it’s easily accessible for everyone.

Make sure you have a real strategy for any pre-event or post-event networking you’re planning to do so that you keep people engaged and guide them all in the right direction.


A book that you would recommend…
Relentless by Tim Grover

What is your top success habit?
I sell myself daily on why what I do matters.

What are your favourite apps right now?
I’ve been using otter.ai a ton, it’s a voice app that transcribes what you say.

Here’s the big one… who do you like more, Rob or Kennedy?
Rob seems a bit crazier which I’m kinda envious of – so Rob!

Finally, where can folks go to find out more about you?
If you go to bitly.com/peakteam there’s a 20 question assessment that will help give you insight into how you might be leading your sales team and it’s very eye-opening.

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