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Sales Strategy: The Boat and The Island


Sales strategy is the part of your business that you probably discuss regularly and think about non-stop!

Getting it right can be the make or break of your business and can be the deciding factor between making good money and making mega money.

What if we told you that you could completely flip your sales strategy upside down and it would still work?

In fact, with this sales strategy you could sell more and make you even more money!

We call this strategy ‘The Boat and The Island', here's how it works…

The Boat

As part of any sales strategy there is a nice juicy freebie or lead magnet to attract customers and get them interested in what you have to offer.

Now imagine that this freebie is your boat.

This is the offer that you would usually use to entice customers along a journey that ends in them making a purchase.


The Island

The ultimate goal of most sales strategies is to sell heaps of your top products and services.

You ultimately want to see the dollars rolling in when people are buying your star packages!

Now imagine that your big money products are you island.


Standard Strategy

In order to make this a bit more fun, lets pretend you're running a business that offers email marketing solutions.

You've got a tried and tested freebie that people love which is a ‘How To Build Your Email List' tutorial. This is your boat.

Sales Strategy The Boat and The Island

You also have a nicely priced product that people can purchase, your ‘How To Make Money From Your Email List' online course. This is the island.

Sales Strategy The Boat and The Island


The standard sales strategy for you would be to take your freebie and offer it out to your target audience.

Now that people have got your freebie and they know how to build an email list, the hope is that they will want to spend their money and find out how to make money from that email list.

In other words people will use your boat to get to the island.

Sales Strategy Sell More

Now, this sales strategy works very well for a lot of businesses but there's a slight problem…

you can't guarantee that everyone who grabbed your freebie is going to want your paid offer.

What would happen if you swapped your offers around?

The answer is simple, you'll make more sales!

Keep going to find out how…

Your New Money Making Strategy

Let's mix it up a bit here.

For this example imagine you are running a fitness business with a focus on losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle.

You have two products that you can put into your sales strategy.

One is a ‘How To Lose Your First Stone' digital health plan and the other is a ‘How To Maintain Your Ideal Weight' E-book.

The standard strategy for these products would look like this:

Sell More Marketing Strategy

Your new money making strategy looks like this:

Sell More Marketing Technique

By offering your island as a freebie you're showing people your quality products right from the beginning.

Your island product will create authority and credibility with potential customers and build trust with your business.

If you're willing to offer such a good product for free then all your other products most be worth the money right?

Sell More Marketing Strategy

The next part of this strategy is that people start to realise that an island isn't much use if they don't have a boat to get there. Clever huh?

It would be difficult to maintain your ideal weight if you didn't have the right tools to get to that weight in the first place.

This is where you can offer them the paid offer boat, and you'll be surprised to see just how much your sales increase!

Sell More Marketing Strategy

Why Does It Work?

By offering a solution before a ‘how to' you are creating a missing link that people will feel inclined to purchase.

Once they have seen how good your ‘island' product is they won't be able to help themselves, they will no doubt want to buy into the entire journey.

Get ready for a mega boost in conversions!

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