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Leverage The Power Of Perceived Value With Nicholas Bayerle [Episode 57]


Putting a price on your high ticket program can be difficult if you don’t have the right mindset.

Luckily, we have Nicholas Bayerle here to talk about how mindset and perceived value can help take your high-ticket programs to the next level.

Take it away…

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Where do high ticket programs fit into a business?
  • It depends on the style of business. I have a friend who sells $16,000 packages and also sells $124,000 packages a lot of people think $16,000 is high, but it depends on where you are in the scheme of things.
  • The one question everyone should ask themselves is “can I use a high ticket program?” The answer is yes! For every single type of person.
  • If you have a lower barrier for entry of past customers then it will be easy to get people to buy again.
How can we differentiate between lower cost to a higher price?
  • You give them less. That’s how you do it. People will pay so little for so much.
  • When it comes to high ticket, people love exclusivity and access.
  • Your high ticket by definition is going to be on the back of your value ladder.
  • It’s all based on perceived value on where people are in their lives.
Some people might be thinking “well I couldn’t possibly sell a thing for $5000…
  • Here’s what the person was doing wrong in the first place. The person you’re describing is making the price of the product based on themselves.
  • Are you the one buying your product right now? I’m not selling to myself every day.
  • I’m selling to people who are in a different place than me.
  • People don’t care about the product, they care what that product is going to give them.
  • The client will always make the most selfish decision that’s in their best interest to make. Your job is to make that interest, paying you.
How do we communicate that kind of value?
  • Stop talking about perks, everyone talks about the perks of their products.
  • “If I say it I could be wrong, but if they say it they’re always right.” If I tell them how good it is they could leave there and say “maybe that might be true”. Yet if I can get them to tell me how good it is, it’s like gospel.
  • When anyone reaches out to you the real goal is to walk them through three steps.
  • The three steps you want to take people through:
  1. You want to get people interested in the subject that you talk about.
  2. Figure out what is the goal they are trying to reach and what is the best route for them to get there.
  3. Look at them like clients, which means they are under your protection.
How do you get to the point of selling $100,000 programs?
  • Don’t listen to what I’m saying but listen to why I’m saying it, the way that I’m saying it.
  • The number one way to get people to invest in you is telling the story that you had the epiphany and the realization and allowing them to have the same thing that you did.
  • Tell them the story of your epiphany/realization.
  • I thought that if I gave people enough value that they would make the conscious decision to go buy from me.
  • If you don’t close deals you aren’t helping people.
How do you deliver great value but also sustain the life that you want?
  • Having your non-negotiables personally.
  • Also not being so shut off.
  • If people don’t buy from you they are going to buy from someone else for more money for less value and that’s what I always have in my mind.

A book that you would recommend…
The Bible.

What is your top success habit?
Try to stay focused every single day.

Who do you look up to?

What are your favourite apps right now?

Here’s the big one… who do you like more, Rob or Kennedy?
Equal love for both of you guys.

Finally, where can folks go to find out more about you?
You can find me on Instagram @nicholasbayerle

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