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New Feature: Conditional Logic


This week we're excited about one of the biggest pieces of the ResponseSuite pie, all freshly baked and delivered piping hot into your account!

It's called…


‘Conditional Logic'

…and it's a bit of a beast!

We're all about making YOUR marketing campaigns sizzle, and that means sending each prospect or customer on their own bespoke path through your business.

As we keep saying… “Blanket marketing is DEAD”.

You need to market TO your audience, not AT them.

Our conditional logic engine means that you can set up powerful rules to route people through your surveys and quizzes differently, depending on their answers.

It's all configurable in this beautiful way, over in the ‘settings' of the survey…

For example, if you were to ask:

“What type of pet do you have?”

And your respondent says “Dog”, you wouldn't want to start asking them questions about their cat, or llama.

(Yes, people actually keep pet llamas. Who knew?).

So now, you can create rules to make sure that you only show the right questions to the right people at the right time.

And it's INSANELY powerful.

By hiding/revealing questions, sections or entire pages within your survey, you can:

  1. Give your respondents the best possible experience
  2. Increase conversions and completion rates
  3. Find out more of the right answers to your questions

That's the recipe for cheaper traffic, better segmentation and super-duper-charged-ninja-whoop-de-doo marketing.

Go check it out in your account (or sign up today at:


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