June/July 2020 ResponseSuite Development Roadmap

June/July 2020 ResponseSuite Development Roadmap

You've asked for a roadmap of what is coming up in the development plans of ResponseSuite, and here it is.

In the coming few days we'll be able to announce a HUGE piece of work we've been secretly working on that will blog the lid off what is possible with surveys and ResponseSuite in particular.

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But here's what we'll be developing for you in June and July – and these upgrades are included for all ResponseSuite customers at no extra cost.

What are you looking forward to most, and what would you like to see in the Aug/September plan?

Tell us in the comments below

What are you looking forward to most, and what would you like to see in the Aug/September plan?

Let us know in the comments below:


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  • PayPal, stripe and thrivecart integration would be really appreciated. Also Pixel Segmentation-like where you can target leads using Facebook Ads hence Build custom audiences to follow-up with survey/quiz participant even if they don’t provide their email address.

    • Great suggestions here Ahmed. Would love to hear what you’d like to see the payment integrations being able to do? At the moment you could redirect your survey to a paypal link or a checkout. What would you like to see from an integration?

      • It would be nice to be able to take a payment within the survey or quiz instead of a redirect. This means we could put the payment request anywhere in the process instead of at the very end.

        • That does sound excellent Jason. Do you think you’d want to place payment in the middle of a survey? Do you have a practical example of where this be beneficial so we can understand it?
          I can see why you’d want payments at the start (which could already be achieved by having your payment platform send buyers to your survey as the thank you page after purchase)
          And having the payment at the end is easy to do by setting the payment platform as the thank you page of the survey.
          I’d love to hear what you have in mind so we can build a solution that meets your needs.

  • Are you guys going to add the ability to choose one’s integrations per campaign?

    I have 2 mail chimp accounts and on some campaigns I want to use 1, and on others I want to use a different one. Right now I’m just limited to one integration per type.


    • Hi Vik, at the moment, ResponseSuite is designed for use by one business and one brand so this kind of more ‘agency’ style feature isn’t in our plan I’m afraid.

      • I agree with this feature request. I have multiple brands/businesses, but I don’t want multiple installs of ResponseSuite, and I am not an agency. Most online entrepeneurs I know have multiple streams of income, and I highly endorse that approach. Your policy have having everything go to ONE email address might be okay for a very small start up, but as soon as entrepreneurs start to grow you’ve made your tool impossible to grow with. And this is ditto for only allowing a single mailing system account. I am struggling to use ResponseSuite for anything, and keep having to turn to other tools, because of these kind of handcuffs. Most recently was because I needed replies to go directly to the right person at my end. I was pretty stunned to find that every form, survey, etc, can only go to one master email address. Maybe okay for a one man operation, but as people grow they need to automate processes, and one of the most basic kinds of automation is to ensure emails are sent to the correct department/person and apart from in a one man business this will rarely be the same person as who set the account up.

        • Hi Paul, really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. If you are a multi-person business then you can have the notifications go to different people, each of those people just needs a User account. Drop us an email and we’ll give you the options around that.

  • I agree with the payment integrations. If a customer fills out their preferences and then directed to a payment page after submitting their requirements.

    • Thanks Ganesh, what is it you would be looking to do that is not already possible by just re-directing people to the payment page? How would you want to see payments integrate with surveys?

  • Obviously, love all the enhancements, but the “Prioritise Answer” is a game-changer for me! Once again, thank you for all your hard work and dedication to your users!

    • Hi Peter, our surveys should all be 100% mobile friendly as they are build for mobile first. If you’re experiencing some issues with that, drop me an email to support with a link to the survey and the issues you’re seeing and I’ll get on that.
      Building surveys on a mobile would be very difficult for users to be honest. We’ve always thought of the building phase as being done on a desktop, and the filling out being mostly mobile.

  • The Start Page sounds excellent! Prep them for the survey. Great updates as always, looking forward to utilizing them.

  • Great stuff..can’t wait! Please make sure the date filtering is added to the response table view as well!

    Also please consider adding more complex rules for thank you page redirects. Ability to decide based on more than 1 question with and/or logic like the other conditional logic options.

    • Hi Teddy, thanks man. Great suggestions. Good news – you can already do those complicated thank you page redirects inside of the Conditional Logic builder. The Thank You page settings are for the regular redirect options, but if you want to add multiple stacked conditions you can choose ‘Then redirect to’ as the result of a piece of logic. Hopefully that helps you straight away?

  • My only expectation is you focus on ResponseSuite development rather than your podcast! Since the product was unusable for us, support wasn’t great, critical usability issues were ignored, we have moved to aidaform who are super awesome.

    • Hi Kumar, I am sorry that you found ResponseSuite unusable for a while. Which features was it that you were waiting on? We’ve never advertised any features that were not already fully live, but if you had issues (or still have any at all) please drop an email to support and we’ll get straight to that for you.
      Regarding the Podcast, the podcast is created by Rob and I, who are not developers so you’ll be pleased to know that no matter what we do with the podcast, the development is unaffected. Our developer does nothing but develop ResponseSuite full time – hence we’re constantly rolling out new features and able to fix things so quickly for you.

  • I once had used a plug in survey in WordPress which had a feature that I would like to see here.
    Respondents can add a choice to a survey (other) which will populate as a choice for subsequent survey users. The purpose would be to poll users to rate from the list the “best candidate” or “superior product” or “most important _____” and give them, at the same time, the option to add to the list (& vote on their “Other” option also) as well as provide their “Other” option to subsequent users. This would result in a growing number of options to rate or poll, so there should be the ability for the survey builder to cap the total number of additional options that survey users can add to the survey.

    • That’s an interesting idea. It does have problems when people make slight changes to what is really the same option. Plus, if you end up with a lot of options, your rate of survey completion is going to drop significantly.