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Ramp Up Your Brand Awareness Using YouTube Ads With Joe Martinez [Episode 53]

3 Marketers Podcast - Joe Martinez

Are you tired of running ads and having very little (or nothing) to show for it? Well, good news – Joe Martinez is here with a few tips for you.

Joe is the PPC Director at Clix Marketing. He specializes in YouTube ads and has a ton of awesome advice on how you can create free brand awareness using YouTube ads…

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Tell us about what you do…
  • I work for Clix marketing, a remote agency where we do pretty much anything to do with paid media.
  • It's all hands on, I don't usually get involved in the creative though.
  • If the client has a video to run we find ways to run the audience and drive people to come back to the site
Why is Youtube such a great platform for online marketers?
  • Do you guys like free advertising? We can get it consistently with YouTube ads.
  • If you run the pre-roll ads the advertiser only gets charged if the user watches the whole video or at least 30 seconds of it.
  • I have never seen my cost per view increase at all since I have been running YouTube ads for years.
Where in the funnel do YouTube ads fit in?
  • In every single step!
  • You can create a custom intent audience to reach people for what they have searched for on Google – pretty cool!
  • YouTube has extensions that you can add on to your campaigns so the possibilities are endless.
  • YouTube ads can fit into every touch point of your funnel, as long as you have the creative to change up the message at each phase.
What should a video ad look like?
  • The user typically has the option to skip the ad after 5 seconds. So, if you don’t capture their attention within the first 5 seconds then most likely they will skip.
  • Make the first 5-10 seconds super engaging and you generally want to keep the full length under 1 minute.
  • Personally, I've seen ads that are 30 seconds or less working really well.
What's your biggest frustration when running YouTube ads?
  • There is a ton of fine print within the Google support areas of YouTube that some people might miss.
  • So, sometimes where you might think your videos are being shown, they aren’t actually being shown!
What's a good starting budget?
  • You can get some good results on just $10 or $20 a day!
  • What you spend really depends on how many people you want to reach and the results you're getting.
  • Once you know which ads are working for you, you can slowly increase budget once you start seeing some good engagement.

A book that you would recommend…
Non-Obvious by Rohit Bhargava

What is your top success habit?
Dedicate a certain amount of time to educating myself.

Who do you look up to?
So many people in the PPC community, it's such a supportive community of people.

What are your favourite apps right now?
I'm loving the Digit app right now.

Here’s the big one… who do you like more, Rob or Kennedy?
Kennedy for singing to me!

Finally, where can folks go to find out more about you?
You can find me on Twitter or Facebook @MilwaukeePPC

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