Inside ResponseSuite

January Upgrades

Rather than bombard you with emails every couple of days when we release new features and upgrade ResponseSuite, this month we're starting a monthly update of the releases.

And this month has some significant upgrades for you in your account:

  1. URL Parameters Affect Radio Button and Check Box Type Questions
    This is really useful for hiding survey content for some visitors.
    It's a simple case of giving the Answer you want to be pre-selected a Label e.g. ‘a' and then giving it a value of anything other than 0.
    So a=1 in the url will cause the check box, radio button, single or multiple image answer or button to be selected.
  2. Send Email Notification and Responses to Respondent
    Would you like to send the person filling out your survey a copy of their responses? Or even just an acknowledgement of filling out your survey, quiz or form?
    Now you can do that right inside of ResponseSuite.
    They fill out your survey and you can choose between a simple Acknowledgement email or include their responses so they can refer to them later.
    You can customise the subject line of the email, your From Name and Reply To email address too.
    To protect delivery rate and our sender reputation (so these emails don't end up in spam as much), this is being sent from a separate, dedicated domain and IP address.
    Check it out in the Settings stage of your Survey Builder.
  3. Hide Answers
    You can now hide answers inside of a question, not just whole questions.
    This means easier to manage surveys and gives you much more flexibility.
    You'll find this in the Conditional Logic builder in the Settings Stage of your survey.
  4. Delete Expired Credit Cards
    You can now tidy up your account by removing any expired credit cards from your Billing page.


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