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How To Leverage Success To Inspire And Motivate With Kirsty Carden [Episode 88]

kirsty carden

It's all too easy to get those niggling feelings of envy when you see others doing well in business, but instead of letting it get you down, what if you let it inspire you?

This episode we're chatting with Kirsty Carden who recently completed an incredibly interesting project interviewing a ton of super successful business people. She's here to tell us the big things she learned from them and what the common characteristics are for success that we can all take away and implement ourselves.

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You can find out more about Kirsty over at kirstycarden.com, and she's even got some goodies over there for you too!

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  • The analysis of the basic characteristics of success will be useful for many novice businessmen. Such a project will allow you to find the necessary motivating factors