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Find Out Why Our CEO Deleted Facebook (Really!)


This week I grabbed some time with our CEO, Kennedy to ask him about what makes him tick.

He went on to drop a bombshell: he deleted Facebook from his phone – so I HAD to find out why and you’ll pretty surprised by his answers.

When I found out that our CEO had deleted Facebook, my first thought was that he'd lost his mind!

My second thought was that he must have a pretty good reason for doing it. I just needed to find out what that reason was.

So, I arranged to sit down with Kennedy and find out exactly why he decided to take drastic action and what benefits he was seeing.

Why ResponseSuite CEO Deleted Facebook App

Deleting Facebook, that's a pretty bold move. What triggered that decision for you?

You know what it's like, you can be having a conversation with someone and halfway through they'll stop talking to check their phone.

Then they're saying, “sorry, what did you say?” and before you know it you're repeating everything you say and it's like you're having a conversation with your semi-deaf Nan.

When you've got Facebook on your phone it's hard not to get distracted when your phone is lighting up, pinging and flashing every 3 minutes.

I realised that the only way to get more out of social situations was to limit the interruptions. Starting with Facebook.

So I held down the shortcut on my phone and pressed Delete.

Was it just your social life being disrupted, or was it affecting your work day too?

All entrepreneurs need to be focused.

[bctt tweet=”The measure of your success is directly proportionate to the level of your focus. – Kennedy (CEO @responsesuite)” username=”responsesuite”]

It's difficult to improve productivity at work if you're distracted with what's happening on your phone.

I would find that I would get halfway through a task, check my phone, then struggle to pick up where I left off.

Then by the time you've read back what you've already done to try and get back in the ‘zone', you've wasted another chunk of time.

Are there any other benefits to deleting Facebook apart from productivity?

The battery life on my phone! No joke.

Not having the Facebook apps on my phone has made such a difference.

The apps are constantly refreshing in the background of your phone, so your battery life is decreasing without you really doing anything.

It's great. I don't have to worry anymore about my phone dying in the middle of the day.

How has deleting Facebook improved your day-to-day productivity?

I'm no longer a slave to the notification.

I felt like Pavlov's Dog, only instead of a bell ringing my phone would flash and I'd immediately jump at the chance to respond.

Instead, I now schedule in times each day to check messages and activity instead of doing it when Facebook demands me to.

That sounds nice! Have you found that the communication you have through Facebook has improved now that you schedule it?

This is what is even more interesting. 

Instead of typing a half-baked ‘quickie answer to folks, I can sit down and dedicate real time to writing quality replies.

It allows me to focus on this task for a set amount of time each day, which means that messages don't get missed and people don't get ‘ignored'.

Big thanks for the chat Kennedy, I'm off to delete my apps now!

Well there you have it…

The best way to use Facebook apps to increase productivity – delete them!

Now, I'm not saying you should delete your Facebook account completely. That would be madness.

Just delete the apps for a week, give it a try. You might even hit super productivity levels and never look back (or re-install).

Oh and while you are on Facebook: you may as well use that time to learn and grow so join our Facebook Group “ResponseSpace” where we discuss all things digital marketing.

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