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Boost Your Instagram Story Game With Chris Strub [Episode 27]


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Gone are the days when you could satisfy your audience with ‘corporate' polished content. These days people want to see the real you!

They want to see what goes on behind the scenes and feel like they can really get to know you and your business.

That's why Instagram stories is such an amazing content platform!

You can give your audience what they want, get them involved and build a more trusting, more engaged following of potential customers.

This week Rob & Kennedy caught up with Chris Strub to find out how to use Instagram stories to it's fullest potential…





  • Before Instagram stories, you could only post to your grid which meant only posting the perfect photo.
  • Then live video came along which opened up a lot of opportunities for business to be more authentic.
  • So, I think Instagram stories fall in between those two things. You can post on the go and be more ‘real-life’, but you still have the opportunity to apply filters and re-take the shot if you want to.
  • I love the idea of using Instagram stories as the compromise between the perfection of social media photos and the live side of social media.





  • I think it really depends on what you’re trying to accomplish on Instagram.
  • I personally choose to use my grid as a sort of portfolio, it’s like a highlight reel or my career and travels.
  • Instagram stories give you a lot more flexibility and freedom to post the day to day action. So, I use my stories to share content from my travels and behind the scenes of my work.
  • I wouldn’t post that sort of stuff to my grid because it’s not timeless, it won’t make sense to someone viewing it a few months later.
  • But really, there is no right or wrong with it. It’s all about what you’re trying to accomplish as a brand and posting what makes you happy.





  • From a marketing perspective, you want to try to post to Instagram stores at least once every 24 hours.
  • The algorithm is going to reward you for posting to Instagram often, it’s going to show more of your content on a long-term basis because you’re giving your time and attention to Instagram.
  • But… I think a lot about the psychological side of social media, so when I get asked a question like that my gut instinct is to say, post as often as you feel comfortable and when it achieves what you want it to achieve.





  • I love using the phrase ‘surfacing value’.
  • I think that Instagram stories give you an amazing opportunity to surface value from other places.
  • You don’t need to create content natively in Instagram stories, you can but you don’t need to.
  • If you aren’t that comfortable getting on camera, you can use screenshots or photos and post those to your story. You can capture what’s going on in your business and post it to Instagram stories later.
  • You can take content from other platforms and post it to your story too. So, if you’ve done a Facebook Live, you can take snippets from that and post it to Instagram stories.
  • I think you should definitely take advantage of the tools within Instagram stories to collect as much information and be as communicative as you can with your audience. So, you can use the poll tool or the questions tool to find out what kind of content your audience wants to see.





  • One simple way is to tag your location when you post to Instagram stories, so if you’re sightseeing or at an event, you can tag your exact location.
  • This means Instagram will show your content to more people searching for that location tag as well as giving it higher exposure to more people in that local area.
  • I think the best way to get more exposure is to craft content that is interactive, interesting and engaging with your audience. You can do this by using the features we talked about earlier (polls and questions) and then making decisions on what sort of content you’re creating in the future.
  • This will demonstrate to your audience that you’re listening to them and that you value their input. When you have that reputation people will want to view your content more often.





  • This comes right back to setting your goals as a business.
  • I think it’s ok to use Instagram stories to move your audience in the right direction, towards your business goals, alongside all your other content.
  • If you’re promoting something then you can use stories to tease that, show it off, show the creation process or even ask for feedback and suggestions.
  • It might not be a direct call to action, but it is pushing your audience in the right direction.





  • Instagram stories only last 24 hours, as standard. However, there are so many different ways to store your story content long-term.
  • If you look on my YouTube or my Facebook, you’ll see so many examples of where I have posted my Instagram stories. You can save them directly from Instagram stories and just re-post them.
  • More importantly, Instagram has recently introduced the highlights feature. This is where you can save your Instagram stories into a kind of folder which appears at the top of your Instagram profile.
  • This means you can save your ‘best bits’ which will be permanently available for people to view.

Chris Strub Instagram Stories





A book that you would recommend…
Real Artists Don't Starve by Jeff Goins

What is your top success habit?
Exercise. Keep your mind in the right place and your content will follow.

Who do you look up to?
I look up to anybody who has fully moved on from imposter syndrome.

What is your favourite app right now?
Skiplagged – this is what I use to travel on a budget.
CutStory and InShot – great tools to edit video for your Instagram stories.

Here's the big one…who do you like more, Rob or Kennedy?
Sorry Kennedy, it's gotta be Rob!

Finally, where can folks go to find out more about you?
You can find me on Instagram (of course!) just search for @chrisstrub or my website which is teamstrub.com

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