April 2021 Releases: Productivity, Speed and Activation

The big headline of this month's updates has to be owned by the new direct integrations with the major Productivity tools.

Now you can create, assign and set due dates for new tasks in Slack, Asana, Trello and Clickup. Monday is almost ready and we are on the alerts list to integrate with Notion the moment they open up their API.

This is awesome for you to activate workflows based on someone submitting a survey, quiz or application form.

Awesome for those with a sales team to make sure they follow up, and for us to activate our processes with graphic designers, show notes and production prep when a new guest books onto our Podcast…the list of applications goes on.

Response Speed

We've also done some more work on making the Surveys list pages, Dashboard and other elements of ResponseSuite load even faster so you can whizz around the app and find what you need with less waiting about.


We've put several fixes in place that prevent the frustration of finding your survey was set to Inactive. This is something we heard about a lot in support and so now:

  1. Surveys are Active by default (they previously required setting to Active).
  2. There's a second-step confirmation when switching a survey from Active to Inactive and visa versa on the Surveys page. It was all too easy to accidentally knock one of those switches off when clicking about in your browser.

This month has been all about integrating ResponseSuite into your workflows so you can have the information you want, exactly where you need it.

Right, let's get back to it – there's much more planned for May!


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